Accessibility and Easy access! This is what draws us all to supermarkets, accessibility and easy access. If you want tropical fruit, but you live in England, no problem. If you hate cooking, there's plenty of ready to eat meals waiting for you. If you aren't really interested in the process behind how your meat gets … Continue reading Supermarkets


Neglecting Ecosystem Services

I don't even want to imagine a world without ecosystem┬áservices! Although our continual neglect to see the value in some of these services may just be our biggest mistake yet! Ecosytem services are naturally occurring processes that┬áthe environment provides, which we then use as much needed resources such as clean air, water, food and materials. … Continue reading Neglecting Ecosystem Services

Overpopulation- Our success could lead to our downfall.

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, habitat loss, depletion of natural resources etc.! Any environmental problem we have comes back to one main issue, and that's our forever increasing population size. Through reading comments from not only this particular video link, but from other postings of this video on facebook and other media outlets, I found … Continue reading Overpopulation- Our success could lead to our downfall.