Domestication of cats and dogs

There is nothing nicer than having a friendly ball of fluff happy to greet you when you arrive home, especially if you live alone. They can be a best friend and a great companion. They're our pets! Don't get me wrong I love my pets and growing up have always had them. Domestication of dogs … Continue reading Domestication of cats and dogs



Most people like to be fashionable, or at least have a sense of what type of clothing they like to wear. The fashion industry drives the believe that you must have the latest trends that fly in and out of season monthly or even weekly. Perhaps what you didn't know is by following fashion trends … Continue reading Fashion

Neglecting Ecosystem Services

I don't even want to imagine a world without ecosystem┬áservices! Although our continual neglect to see the value in some of these services may just be our biggest mistake yet! Ecosytem services are naturally occurring processes that┬áthe environment provides, which we then use as much needed resources such as clean air, water, food and materials. … Continue reading Neglecting Ecosystem Services