Accessibility and Easy access!

This is what draws us all to supermarkets, accessibility and easy access. If you want tropical fruit, but you live in England, no problem. If you hate cooking, there’s plenty of ready to eat meals waiting for you. If you aren’t really interested in the process behind how your meat gets to you plate, no worries!

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Going to the supermarket cuts out all the fuss of eating, freeing our days up to do more exciting and interesting things. There are many good qualities about supermarket shopping, and quite frankly I don’t know what I would do without them.

Unfortunately I do still have my concerns, and it’s not just with those long frustrating check out lines. Supermarkets are extremely wasteful. Packaged and processed foods are not only bad for our health, but bad for the environment. And don’t even get me started on those plastic bags.

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The good thing is that some countries have noticed the mistake and have taken action to improve some of these issues. Countries such as South Africa, Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda Botswana, Kenya and Ethiopia have completely banned plastic bags, which have proven to be harmful to our environment, especially our oceans.

Individuals have also started to note the effects of processed food to their health and are trying to steer clear. The biggest issue that still hovers overhead is how wasteful they are. Tons of food is wasted every year when supermarkets over stock. Not only are they wasting fresh food but they also contribute to climate change with their strong carbon footprint. This is made up by the production of processed foods and shipping of goods that are not readily available.

I believe that although it is lovely to have all this choice (many different brands for the same product), perhaps too much choice is simply creating more waste. Do we really need 114 options of pasta?

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Not to mention everything in the store is covered in plastic. How necessary is it to have a plastic bag of mentos, each small rounded sweet wrapped individually in plastic, wrapped up nicely in yet another convenient plastic carry bag? I mean that’s just wasteful!

In saying all this what can we do about it? How can we combat these issues? Well you can always start by bringing in a reusable bag. If you have the option to support local farmers you could go to a farmers market instead. Try to support supermarkets who are at least attempting to go waste free  or push for our local supermarkets to try it. Try not to be wasteful yourself, don’t allow food to just sit in your cupboard until it goes off. If you find that you are doing that a bit too often perhaps be more selective when shopping. And if you’re still finding food that is about to go out of date and you don’t think you have time to eat,  donate it to someone who will.

Supermarkets are too easy and too convenient that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And with our rising population we are going to need them. So this blog is simply about rethinking the importance of a sustainable supermarket, to turn them from mistake to success!

All photos were taken myself, go to the about page to find out more about me

To find out more about how processed food impacts our health click here.

To find out more about supermarkets carbon footprint click here.

To learn about waste free supermarkets click here.


One thought on “Supermarkets

  1. Hi Sian.
    I think every single one of us need to get involved to make things happen . We all need to start to shop consciously, support the farmers / growers, retailers that are doing the right thing. It will then start to change the soil , the way we fish, eco system and environment. This is huge!
    It really stand from our individual health. I am excited to say that I have started to get involved in a wellness abundance community to make small changes to better my and my family’s lives. To support my local community, to give back , to be truthful and live healthy.
    Jane K

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