Imagine a world where plagues and diseases were not uncommon. Thanks to vaccines and advances in medicine there isn’t a whole lot out there that kills us anymore. Other than cardiovascular diseases which can sometimes be prevented with behavioural changes such as a healthy diet, physical activity and quitting tobacco use and other harmful substances such as alcohol.

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Don’t get me wrong these advances have saved so many lives and we are lucky we have access to medical assistance almost anywhere anytime in all westernised countries. However with overpopulation as a huge concern perhaps these medical advances could have played a role in prolonging lives that may previously have not made it. In saying this I would like to point out that medical advances are in no way the number 1 cause of overpopulation as many 3rd world countries have no access to the degree of medical technology we have access to. I would simply like to point out some specific advances such as vaccines have led to practically eliminate/ or protect us from many diseases which would have killed a large quantity in a small amount of time.

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I would like to begin by a quick explanation of Darwin’s explanation of survival of the fittest in terms of natural selection. Basically Darwin proposed that instead of everything being kind of random (in terms of which organisms survived), the environmental circumstances would present an oportunity in which the organism could adapted/ evolve. The organisms which happened to be best suited for these environmental changes tend to be the ones that survive which in tern allows them to pass on their better suited genes to their offspring.

Darwin’s theory is quite well understood and is now “knowledge” in the scientific community. Evolution and the ability to adapt is extremely important for future survival, and humans do not seem to have any issues with adapting, fast (unlike many other more fragile species we are tragically leaving behind). I believe that with medical advances those with perhaps not the most well suited genes are getting a chance to pass them on therefore disrupting the natural selection of “survival of the fittest”.

Again this is now a touchy subject as obviously as a race we want to survive! Produce viable offspring that will continue the blood line is every animals goal in life. The natural instinct that drives us becomes problematic when we suddenly hit numbers in which there is no fear that the species will go extinct and begin to overcompensate.

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Medical advances have truely been extremely successful, but at what point to they become a problem? When somebody refuses to stop smoking and needs medical attention to treat lung cancer which they knowingly caused from smoking? When gluttony gets the best of us and we end up with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mobility disorders etc. and therefore have to be treated? When an alcoholics kidneys or liver finally give in due to their bad habits? These top killers are things we brought upon ourselves, unlike people suffering in 3rd world countries with malaria or dengue with no access to these awesome medical advances. Have people become too reliant and therefore careless ? or is it purely taking advantage of these “great” advances?

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