Travel! I know, I wouldn’t really call that a mistake/error on behalf of the human race. I myself love to travel, as I’m sure many others do. It allows you to experience different cultures, see magnificent structures and landscapes you would otherwise not get to see and gives you the opportunity to catch up with friends and family from other sides of the world. I personally love to travel to experience wildlife I would never get to see otherwise!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.33.48 pm.png

Take an elephant for example. A stunning creature I would have never gotten the oportunity to see without travelling across the seas from Australia to Sri Lanka.

Now perhaps you are thinking where I am going with this as so far all I have done is listed all the great and wonderful pros to travelling, and you’d be right in questioning it as I am still unclear if the cons out way the pros! In saying that let me tell you some cons and I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether travelling is a one of humanity’s biggest mistakes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.57.46 pm.png

Keeping in mind if you want to take a cheeky selfie with an elephant and you were born in England, eliminating travel would make this impossible.

Probably the number 1 problem with travel is the spread of disease. Outbreaks which would once be contained to a small area can now spread far further than they would have in the past. However there’s a very easy solution for this problem. All you have to do is if it looks as though a pandemic outbreak is to occur, you can contain the spread by temporarily stopping travel to and from that area- sounds easy enough. Somehow this didn’t stop Ebola from reaching the US.  Luckily organisms that have animal hosts (e.g malaria can only be spread via mosquitos) , environmental limitations, arthropod vectors, or complicated life cycles can often be limited to spreading far and wide as say, AIDS, tuberculosis, measles, pertussis, diphtheria or hepatitis B of which are not constrained by the same flaw.

Travel along with trade is the main cause for genetic pools combining at rates that were previously unknown. Not only does it then result in new diseases and faster spread of previous disease but also results in associated social, political, climatic, environmental, and technologic factors which then result to further the emergence of infectious diseases.

Not to mention that as a result of travel people have either unknowingly or knowingly brought in invasive species which has lead to the demise of many different species and environments.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 9.29.21 pm.png

For this reason going through the airport can be such a hassle, as you wait in lines to get through customs. It’s there as a preventative measure but even so people still, either accidentally/ or on purpose, go into countries carrying new pathogens.

All good things in life seem to come with a price.

My advice is to travel safely, declare anything that could lead to potential harm to the environment you are about to step into and of course if you are feeling sick, let somebody know ! You don’t want to be that person who assisted in the spread of a pandemic virus!

All photos were taken myself, go to the about page to find out more about me

To find out more about the spread of disease with travel click here


8 thoughts on “TRAVEL!

  1. Nice Read Sian. You hear all the positives about travel but rarely stop to think about the negatives. Oh and the elephant picture is gorgeous too although if I was in the picture you might have a hard time guessing which was the elephant and which was me 🙂


  2. Have you considered that if Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook had not travelled to the *ends of the earth* and colonised America and Australia, Europeans would not have known anything about these new and interesting lands. So where does that leave us on Earth if we don’t try and explore the Universe?

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    1. Well exactly, as I said travel is amazing 😀 as you said without travelling we also wouldn’t be able to discover new things such as new lands, species, medicines, culture etc. Just thought it would be interesting to shed some light on some of the risks we take when travelling is so easily accessible. Many of my coming posts will be looking at the risks associated with many of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. Not trying to make any of these topics seem less amazing than they are but just find these things interesting to consider. All good things, come with a price!


  3. Enjoyed the article thank you Sian. It certainly made me stop and think how quickly diseases can travel these days with the way travel is, we do have to be extremely careful. Loved the photos as well. Congratulations.


  4. Hi Sian, agreed if people hadn’t travelled as far back as 10,000 years ago the spanish, vikings and northern europeans would never have colonised england and we wouldn’t be here today. Travel of both human and animals has been the foundation of the world as we know it and its diversity – however your point is a good one and something that we often don’t consider – the English colonised Australia and the America’s and brought with them destruction of the indigenous cultures, rare creatures such as Tasmanian tiger and not so clever introductions such as the rabbit, fox and toad. The Spanish were guilty of the same crimes way before the English destroying ancient cultures such as the Aztec’s as well as a lot of native species in the South Americas, and I am sure the really early sea explorers such as the Vikings (who by the way discovered north america 500 years before Columbus – look up Leif Errikson), Polynesians, Greeks and Chinese were not innocent of the same mistakes. The big difference is that historically travel was slightly more controlled with smaller groups gaining access to smaller areas whereas now we can travel anywhere anytime quickly taking all our viruses and bacteria with us and with such higher densities of living – things spread a lot easier. Historically, for the most part, the impact would have been mimimal, however in the modern day this is becoming a huge concern and the potential spread of disease through negligence, naivety and/or complacency by the modern traveller is probably one of the bigest risks to mankind – hence why our Government spends millions a year on preventative mitigation measures for just such an outbreak.

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