Climate change, loss of biodiversity, habitat loss, depletion of natural resources etc.! Any environmental problem we have comes back to one main issue, and that’s our forever increasing population size.

Through reading comments from not only this particular video link, but from other postings of this video on facebook and other media outlets, I found that a lot of people were outraged and the word “genocide” was often thrown around. Now I’m not at all suggesting genocide in this blog today I am simply going to explain why we can not just allow population growth to get the better of us.

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Population growth can often be a touchy subject, as seen when reading through comments of people’s reaction to this video. I myself see population growth as a really serious and concerning issue, not only as a passionate conservationist but as well find it very concerning for the survival of human beings in the future. Attempts of controlling population growth are often frowned upon, seen with China’s 1 child policy. Solving the issue is virtually impossible as we would much prefer to let the environment and other species suffer instead of potentially being a bit more careful when it comes to repopulating.


The environment has taken a brutal beating in our growth to 7 billion. We had our set backs when we started to run out of food, or terrible plagues got the better of us. Luckily, we thought of ways around that with advances in food science and medicine. However these solutions came with a price, and that price might end up being greater than we thought.

Climate change is one of the biggest problems we face to date, and if you think about it we are in this mess because we allow ourselves to tear down forests for, agriculture, fossil fuels and growth in industry. None of which would be necessary if their wasn’t 7 billion people on this planet to feed, house and clothe. Many of that 7 billion not even experiencing these luxuries!


The sad truth of the matter is it could all be for nothing as the “universe” seems to always have it’s way at controlling uncontrollable rapid growth. A term used in ecology “carrying capacity” explains the limits and constrains of an environment in order to sustain a certain species in terms of food, water etc. Once the carrying capacity hits the species plateaus from exponential growth (a continuous growth with no end).With humans we have not yet hit our carrying capacity as we continue to grow in numbers. This is because we have used science and technology to our advantage to combat these environmental constrains.

My concern is that the effects of climate change may be the result of our species plateau, as many start to lose their homes, source of food, fresh water etc. It is a scary thought to just sit and wait for this to happen- I don’t know about you but I’m not going to sit around and do nothing. In the next coming weeks I am going to break down some of these issues in more detail and explain in more depth what is actually happening. But until then I hope you are a little more aware how pressing this issue is. I know there is no easy solution but we have to do something otherwise it will end in tragedy whether we like it or not.

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To learn more about human carrying capacity click here.


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